Download your certificates here. You can find each submission’s evaluation in the submission post, which is searchable through out Gallery page.

The Peach Blossom Festival is run as a festival, not a contest. Entrants are evaluated on their artistic performance, but not ranked against other schools. Our judges will always evaluate your students positively.

Participants are judged on eye contact, voice quality, body movement, and overall performance.

We encourage teachers to read the evaluation forms to the students and present them with their certificates. Certificates are left blank so that teachers can write the students’ names.


Great use of creativity, arm and/or body movements, great vocal quality, eye contact, expression of face and voice, memorized

Spectacular – Full Color

Spectacular – Black & White


Creativity, some gestures, good vocal quality, good eye contact, mostly memorized or performed extremely well from a script

Stellar – Full Color

Stellar – Black & White


Vocal quality good, with or without script

Strong – Full Color

Strong – Black & White